Pro-pack (Beginner)

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The Krav Wear 'beginner' Pro-pack is a great entry level protection pack for adults or teenagers who are new to Krav Maga, consisting of:

  • 1 x Adult UFC OPRO Mouth Guard
  • 1 x pair 12oz or 16oz Krav Wear Boxing Gloves 

Get superior comfort and protection with OPRO’s UFC Silver mouthguard. Level 3 in the OPRO Self-Fit range. Safe, secure, and superior retention. Easy-to-use single compression cage and classic fin technology accurately moulds to the teeth and gums. Protect your smile with impact resistant, dual layer construction. Be bold and stand out from your opponents with the UFC Silver mouthguard Colour: Red 

Our 12oz  or 16oz Boxing gloves feature a dense padding on the striking surface to protect both the wearer and the opponent. The glove strap fittings wrap around the wrist give extra support to the wrist joint and minimise movement to ensure that the gloves stay secure and in position during training.