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KRAV WEAR 'Clear Vision' Head Guard

Our new 'Clear Vision' head guard has a clear reinforced plastic face guard for an improved peripheral sight line. The solid removable face protection is mounted on the high density foam head shield interior with leather exterior. The top, back of the head and ears are all protected. 

Safety: Although these head guards are designed to reduce the chances of injury and impact during training, no head guard can guarantee 100% protection. Always use a head guard in conjunction with boxing gloves and a mouth guard and train responsibly.    

Sizing: Everyone has a different sized head/ nose and other features, so we cannot guarantee the exact size or fit but there is room for plenty of adjustment by use of the hook & loop straps.

Our general size guidelines are:

Size Small - Suitable for young teenagers & petite females.

Size Medium - Suitable for average teenagers, females and small males.

Size Large - suitable for average males. (out of stock)

Size Extra Large - Suitable for larger males.