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The 'Intermediate' Krav Wear Pro-pack is ideal for adult or teen practitioners who are sparring with light contact and some grappling, or using training weapons and equipment, so will need the use of the fingers and thumbs:

  • 1 x Adult UFC OPRO mouth guard
  • 1 x Pair Krav Wear combat gloves
  • 1 x Pair Krav Wear heavy shin guards
  • 1 x Pair Krav Wear 360 forearm guards
  • 1 x Head guard 

Get superior comfort and protection with OPRO’s UFC Silver mouthguard. Level 3 in the OPRO Self-Fit range.

Safe, secure, and superior retention. Easy-to-use single compression cage and classic fin technology accurately moulds to the teeth and gums. Protect your smile with impact resistant, dual layer construction.Be bold and stand out from your opponents with the UFC Silver Mouthguard Colour: Red 

Our MMA design combat gloves feature a dense padding on the striking surface to protect both the wearer and the opponent. The glove strap fittings wrap around the wrist give extra support to the wrist joint and minimise movement to ensure that the gloves stay secure and in position during training. 

Our heavy duty shin guards give the ultimate in protection for the lower legs and feet. Made from reinforced layers, these Muay Thai design shin guards feature hook and loop fastening via a non-metal loop and raised protection in the shin area for extra absorption against kicks. 

The Krav Maga arm guards offer full 360° protection of the forearm. Its adjustable conical shape and double sided hook and loop attachments mean that this arm guard fits a wide range of sizes. 

Approximate sizes:

  • Large = Length 23 cm - Circumference 36 - 40 cm (Adult unisex)
  • Medium = Length 21 cm - Circumference 30 - 35 cm (Adult / Teens unisex)
  • Small = Length 18 cm - Circumference 25 -30 cm (Petite Adult/ Small teens)


Our new 'Grid' head guard has a clear reinforced steel face guard for an improved peripheral sight line. The removable grid face protection is mounted on the high density foam head shield interior with leather exterior. The top, back of the head and ears are all protected. 

Sizing: Everyone has a different sized head/ nose and other features, so we cannot guarantee the exact size or fit but there is room for plenty of adjustment by use of the hook & loop straps.

Our general size guidelines are:

  • Small - Young teenagers & petite females. Approx circumference 52-54 cm
  • Medium - Teenagers, females & small males. Approx circumference 54-57 cm
  • Large - Average males. Approx circumference 57-59 cm
  • Extra Large - Larger males. Approx circumference 59-62 cm (comes with perspex face shield).